_____ Days to a More Natural Medicine Cabinet

Pardon the blank, but the timing wasn’t right for the 31 Days Challenge this year. (I had so much fun participating during the last two years, with a series on Less Stress in Allergy Free Eating, and one on Embracing Autumn: So Long, Seasonal Affective Disorder.)

I had to leave it blank, because I have no idea how many posts this will be, but I am very excited to share how we have been making the change from a standard medicine cabinet, to one with natural alternatives that have been working so well for our family.

herbs drying in kitchen windowHerbs drying that a friend shared with me from her abundance-I’ll let you know how I”ll be using them!

I’ll be sharing a variety of things, things I make, things I buy… herbs, essential oils, rubs. Feel free to chime in the comments with things that have worked for you!


#1: Treating High Blood Pressure




In the Raw

I don’t blog very often these days. I kept trying to figure out why, when I enjoy it so much. I think I’ve stumbled onto it…

The most popular posts on my blog are recipes… for allergy-free foods and homemade lotions and soaps. I didn’t blog them on purpose for popularity; I blogged them because I was just writing about my life. I enjoy writing about what I happen to be learning, trying or discovering.

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Haiti- in numbers

I am recently back from my 5-day visit with our Little Man in Haiti. Our Little Man who is now legally our son. I can’t tell you how happy everyone here is about this! As always, so many thoughts swirl around in my head during my time there. For starters, here are some things I learned about Haiti- in numbers.


$1 US = 47 Haitian Gourds (according to the sign in the restaurant we went to)

The days in Haiti are 27 hours long, and the nights are 12 hours long.


1 Haitian Hour= 4 US Hours (this affect does not wear off until you are in the air, and approaching US space) Think of it as like visiting Narnia… you live a lifetime while there, and then when you get home, you find you’ve only been gone a few days.


93 degrees, at 70% humidity is a “feels like” temp of 112+ degrees. Every day.

Surprisingly (because I don’t pay attention to this sort of thing), the sun rises a good hour+ later in Haiti than here at home, and it was dark by 8 p.m., unlike the 9:15ish p.m. here. Important to catch on quickly, due to frequent lack of electricity. Things like teeth brushing, and setting out the flashlight needed to be done before then.

7 new/old friends + 6 adopted kids = plenty of chaos, lots of laughs, and memories galore.

So glad I went. So happy to be home. But I left a piece of my heart there. On my next trip, I hope to be bringing that piece home with me.




Virtual Book Club- Cleaning House- chapters 4-6

I am so behind.

Last week I decided to spend the end of our school vacation in Massachusetts helping my brother and his wife paint rooms in the house they are getting ready to move into. The plan was to stay one night. They currently live in Watertown. ‘Nuff said? (I would rather have been hanging out with them than worrying about them from Maine… but it was an extra long stay) 🙂

So my kids have not yet done their planning/shopping/cooking project. I spent all day yesterday catching up on laundry myself while they caught up on schoolwork. We started back up with our homeschooling/house jobs yesterday, with plenty of moans and groans. Yup. Totally need to be reading this book!

Now for some thoughts on chapters 4-6:

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A Real Life Check in… for Cleaning House

Here is some “real life” of how this experiment/book club is working in our home. I was just prepping to make a sausage-egg scramble, when my 8 yr old runs out to the kitchen and says “Can *I* make it?!?!? I made it last time and everyone said it was soooo good!

I reply: “what part of it do you want to? Do you want to do all of it?”

M: “umm. Yes. If you think I can. Maybe with just a teeny bit of help from you.”


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Virtual Book Club: Cleaning House, chapter 1

Ok, this book has got my mind going in 20 directions at 100 mph! Even though I began the book feeling pretty good about what my kids have already learned to do around the house, the complaining and the whining had recently begun to drive me crazy. And Cleaning House has been a great way to evaluate how the teamwork is going in my home. I really enjoy Kay Wyma’s style of writing- both conversational and entertaining- while provided me with lots of serious stuff to chew on.

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Virtutal Book Club: Cleaning House- chapter 2

One of the things I have enjoyed about this book, is that although my kids know how to do a lot around the house, (including cooking), I found that Kay, in her experiment, took what my kids do a step further. When she made her kids responsible for one meal each week, they didn’t just cook it. They shopped for it. And they cleaned up after.

As a homeschooler (nearing the end of our 8th year) I did a ton of “real life learning” when the kids were younger. They shopped with me, helped me pick out produce, and learn to figure out the best price etc. However, this is definitely one area where I began to do things the quick and easy way… with a teenager in the house, I can leave the kids home and go shop all by myself! This has been a great relief to me, and I don’t see it as a bad thing. However, Kay made me think “how will my kids know how to grocery shop, if they go years without shopping?”

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