Day Four: To Be Frugal, Healthy, or Happy…

A.K.A.: Making Donuts, Buying Donuts, and Skipping the Donuts

I mentioned that I am an optimist.  But I am also a realist.  Sometimes these two parts of me have to have a conversation together.  It goes something like this:

OPTIMIST: No problem with these food allergies… I’ll just make donuts for the brunch on Sunday!

(My version of a donut recipe I found here.)

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31 Days to Less Stress in Allergy-Free Eating- Day 1


Well, I can’t believe October is already here, but here its, and time for 31 Days of Change!  As I mentioned before, although I am very far from being a food-blogger, I just could not get away from the idea of blogging for 31 days about how I deal with eating and multiply food allergies.  Then, recently  I had a request (not the first!) to help someone’s friend who found out they needed to be gluten-free, and they were overwhelmed.  I have reinvented the wheel many times in helping others, so here is a chance for me to compile it all in one place, and be motivated to do it by joining this blog-challenge!  (I do well with external motivations) 😉

So, here we go!

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