I remember when my kids were little, people saying “just when you think you’ve got it figured out, your kids will change.”

It turned out to be true: just when I thought we had found their sleep pattern, they would start teething, or drop one nap, or need longer naps. Just when I thought they were eating well, they suddenly refuse a favorite food.

It hasn’t changed much! Although the kids are now 13, 10 and 7, and the daily changes are not as noticeable (except for sudden great vocabulary words, and Levi being taller every single morning when he wakes up) things are still always changing. With older kids, their schedules become busier. They can learn to do more things around the house (but things includes instruction and supervision on my part.)

I can leave them home alone to go do my errands. But that is part of the juggling act of this new season. The kids have more commitments and more responsibilities, (as do I), and I am finding it harder to make sure we are really connecting in the way we did when they needed/wanted me to play with them, or help them with everything, or had to take them everywhere with me. So part of this new season for me, is finding ways of connecting, new ways of having fun together (because the older they get, the more they have stronger personal ideas of what is fun {smile}), and a new level of working together.

This season also has me figuring out how to balance my own self-care. Figuring out how and when to find time for my own creative pursuits and friendships, exercise etc. In fact, with working an extra job right now, this has become my front burner priority. I haven’t figured it out yet. 🙂

I am very excited that in this season, my hubby has gifted with the ability to pursue a long-desired interest- photography! My first dream is to come with a photograph of our favorite ocean spot that is blow-up worthy, and I want to have it printed on a canvas as art. (Also, a canvas print of our kids for my living room wall!) Looking forward to finally having some decent (and eventually good) shots of food for my blog, and pics of the family for albums and my blog too!

Well, this is the end of my early morning ramble.  After getting up early so many days in a row to help out at my parents’ restaurant, my body wouldn’t sleep this morning. Figured I talk to myself here! 🙂


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