Extending the Weekend (and the giveaway winner!)

My Facebook status today read: Spring Gouette: is taking an extra weekend day, because we really need it. Amen. Selah.

Perhaps, after having a whole weekend at home after working several weekends, two days “should” have been enough. But we spent the weekend catching up on major house projects and household tasks that had to slide while I was working an extra 14 hours a week. We needed to sleep in (we stayed up late watching movies), to take care of loose ends from the weekend projects, and then I needed time to actually play the school week, practice for the contest I am singing in this weekend, and put  my feet up and have tea in between.

Reading posts about getting back to the “center” of things, has helped me in this season of looking at how I am using my time. I am still processing what kinds of things help me feel back in focus with my priorities, but creating some more space in my days is helping. I find that I am more able to enjoy the everyday interactions with my kids, and not running on adrenaline so much. And so… Saturday pt. 2 at my house.

Hooray… the piles in the living room are getting smaller! 🙂

I am excited to announce Louise is the winner of Renee’s e-book! I so wanted to give one to each of you- I had to pray before I hit the random generator button to calm down! 🙂 But seriously, at only $3, don’t miss the chance for an encouraging read! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Extending the Weekend (and the giveaway winner!)

  1. I love the yellow walls in the living room, the kids look great, and I am sorry I missed the drawing for Renee’s book. Hope all is well. Love and miss you. Deb

  2. speaking of contests, boy we oughtta give something special to whoever can guess why there are two car jacks in our living room!

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