Today, we went to Paris.  Of course, not the French Paris, where my friend Tad is with his son, and no I am not jealous… well, maybe a little!  Last year we found a small rushing river on a country drive, in or near Paris, ME, with great rocks for climbing and sunbathing on, and pools of water deep enough to get wet all over in- for the kids anyway.  It was very spontaneous, so I had no camera.  But as a writer is supposed to learn to create pictures in the mind without pictures, I thought I’d still share the story anyway. All in the name of learning, and being disciplined to write.  So here goes…

Today, we went to Paris.  Being blessed with an extension of summery weather, perhaps our just due after the sweater-wearing temps in all of June and most of July,  we all had the urge to “get out and go somewhere pretty” today.  Remembering that it is Labor Day weekend, we knew our usual favorite spots would be packed with tourists, and locals, trying to soak up one last day of sun before heading back to the work and routines of  Fall.  The Captain was studying the map, trying to think of somewhere beautiful, with water, that we could go and still feel like we had some space to ourselves, when I recalled our river-find of last year.  The Captain was pretty sure he had an idea where it is was.

So, today we went to Paris.  We drove off the road onto a very UNkempt parking lot/dirt road type of place, and parked at the edge of the woods.  We picked our way along the narrow path, the sound of the rushing water beckoning us to come refresh ourselves from the strong summer-like sun.  The river had long ago begun to eat away at the soil under the trees that insisted on hugging the river so closely.  Dappled shade along the rocks lining the river was the refreshing result.  The kids climbed over the rocks, staked out all the pools within reach that were swim-able, or at least, deep enough to sit in and get wet up to their noses.  I folded up a blanket, and picked a spot on a rock in the middle of the river, where I could lie and bake in the sun, yet still reach over and wet my hands with water to sprinkle over myself when I began to get too hot. I shaded my eyes, and drank in the bright blue sky, visible between the vivid green leaves on the branches framing my view.  Levi built, christened, launched, bombed and sank the HMS Woodship- all in one day! The girls created homes among the nooks and crannies of the rocks, a naturally carved out chair, here, a small bathtub there.

Today, I went to Paris.  And I sang worship songs to the accompaniment of  roaring water, and let the Lord speak to me in metaphors of water, stagnant and moving.  I practiced breathing deeply, listened the laughter of my kids, watched my husband praying, with his feet dipping in the water flowing by, and thought in the words of my kids- uttered nearly every day of their lives- “this just might be the best day ever.”  Romance, adventure, beautiful sights… Paris has it all.

Have you ever been to Paris? I highly recommend it!


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