Well, I think that will be the name of it. For now it is. 🙂

A landscaper is giving some her employees this summer, so I will have a real trial of how it works, and holds up. I’ll let you know how it works out; the feedback from the first 3 testers has been great!

Eve is my middle name. I thought of using Spring Eve, which I could still do. But it seemed long. I also thought of using Eden, which is my aunt’s middle name who inspired me to come up with this lotion (she works for the landscaper in the summer), but there are so many body products out there with Eden in the name, it seemed risky for infringement.

There is apparently an Eve Taylor in the UK that has a Hand and Nail Rescue Cream. That is why I say this is probably the name. I may have to add Spring to it to keep it different enough, if I were to decide to really sell the lotion. For now, it was a really fun project! (Incidentally, even the label is a photo I took, that I inverted the color on to make a graphic. So the recipe, the design and everything was all my own creation. Super Fun!)

Thanks for all of your ideas in helping me to name it! I’ll have to see if I can find some tiny jars to put some in to give to those of you that ended up with an idea of yours in the name… maybe those jam-sample jars? Anyone have any? 🙂


5 Thoughts on “Announcing: Eve’s Rescue Cream”

  • also, i’m sick, but am going to TRY to get you e-mailed today about the corn allergy questions i have, so be looking for that.

  • Hi Steph! Did you notice the spelling error on my label! LOL sigh… because it was capitalized, it changed gardener into Gardiner (the name of the town). So today I am reprinting labels! I am not licensed as a business at this point (for cosmetics) but I am selling to friends and family. When you email me, I’ll give you more details! 🙂

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