One weekend at the restaurant, we were selling raspberry chocolate chip muffins. Of course they were made of gluten-full flour, so I couldn’t taste them… You can see where this leads? 🙂

I used my own basic muffin recipe, and just added some frozen raspberries (that I picked last summer) and some chocolate chips, until it looked like “enough” in the batter.

Sometimes lately, I have not wanted to mess with almond meal. I use a ton of almonds, and I didn’t want to overdo them. In that case I use use equal parts rice flour, sorghum flour, and tapioca flour. It works beautifully for muffins, waffles, pancakes etc. I hope to experiment more with some of the higher protein flours like millet and quinoa this summer- I have used them some in recipes, but not in my own experiments. But for now… these little muffins are perfect just the way they are!


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