I know I am a few weeks late getting my garden in, but oh, have I enjoyed the smell and the feel of the dirt these last couple days!

We are working on reclaiming a piece of the backyard where we inherited a very overgrown used-to-be-perennial bed.

But I didn’t just want to reclaim it as a perennial bed. While one of my gardening goals this year was to plant some flowers among the veggies, I really wanted more space for vegetables, specifically tomatoes (for dehydrating!). Rather than deciding it was too expensive and time consuming to do the whole bed, or to put in another raised one, I decided to “make do” and start with converting part of the perennial bed mess into a vegetable garden. Phase one was to clear out the deeply enmeshed roots of a sunny section big enough to plant several tomato plants. Phase 2 was to redo the levels. (Phase 2 is nearly done).

Phase 2 was “done enough” though, to get the tomato seedlings in! (This section of gardening is an experiment- I worked in some compost/manure in  once I had the the soil loosened up and planted some little seedlings I got very cheaply. Here’s hoping!)

I also got 21 squares of yellow beans planted for freezing, and a section of cucumbers and lettuce/spinach for eating. (My first planting of spinach/lettuce drowned in all that rain we had).

I checked out my raspberry transplants from last spring when my friend moved, and I am hopeful for even more fruit than last year!

That’s how I am feeling in general about this summer: hopeful. My swing is ready and waiting, where I can watch my garden grow, and the kids play.

And now, one more row to prep in the morning, the pool is ready for the heatwave arriving tomorrow… looking forward to soaking it all in!




One Thought on “Hopeful…”

  • Wow, Mrs. Gouette, you really have a way of displaying your creativity through all of your blogs and photos! I love perennials and raspberry plants! 🙂 My mom is also growing some mints, veggies, and even raspberries in her own garden.
    I also like your swing! This way, one a very hot day, you can sit on your swing under the shade to keep cool and enjoy the view of your garden. We also did the same thing in our yard. We put our swing underneath some tall plants so that it would be facing directly toward our flowerbed (we can check out our garden and soak in the beauty of summer). Great minds think alike!

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