Levi had some great hands-on learning from the Captain this weekend- changing the oil in the car- including, driving a car up and off the ramps. Rich is so great at including Levi as he does things, at whatever age Levi is at. This summer Levi has begun work in electronics, (I could tell you what he learned to do, but I don’t know what the words mean– I just know it included learning to solder. LOL), and also the last few months done some recording, and programming.

But back to this weekend’s project!

While I hung around taking pictures, we talked about how much money the Captain has saved us by doing our car repairs for the last 17 years, in all weather, without a garage. Dear Lord, please can my hard-working hubby have a garage for our next house???

Fun to see Levi grown and learn! (Literally GROW- he is now pushing 5’11” YIKES!)


2 Thoughts on “Real Life Learning”

  • This is awesome! Mike does this with both our older boys, but I never thought to take pictures–oops! There should be pictures if we want to give them credit! Great job!

  • My goal this year is to be more diligent in capturing the photos (and getting them either blogged or printed regularly)! 🙂

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