Today is Veteran’s Day here. I just barely managed to stop the whirlwind of our life in order to take note of it. My husband’s parents joined us for lunch and an afternoon visit, and we took them to visit the monument where my husband’s service to our country has been honored in the Veteran’s Park.

Richs' parents seeing the monument for the first time
Rich's precious step-mother Ruby, finding his name
my veteran (xoxoxo)

I didn’t meet Rich until after he had left the Navy. But I have heard Ruby’s stories, about sending Rich off to boot camp, and then off to the Persian Gulf and Desert Storm. It makes my heart quake to hear it every time, and wonder at how our military families do it. We really can’t over-estimate their sacrifice, both those who serve, and those who are left behind.

Final photo-op near the Falls

The sun set while we were there… a blaze of orange. And I breathed deep, with thanksgiving for so much…

… our veterans and their families… a moment to stop, and breathe, and reflect… a time to teach our children about honor and acknowledgment… a time to be with family… time to hear the falls, see the gulls soar away at our arrival, and feel the clean autumn air gently wafting by (carrying the delicious scent of the Nissan bakery! haha!)

last glow of the sun over Auburn



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