I mentioned in my series in October, (Embracing Autumn: So Long Seasonal Affective Disorder) a lot of little things I enjoy doing to mark the arrival of autumn. But I know there are some years when spending money on corn stalks and pumpkins “just because” is not really an option. We have had those seasons ourselves.

I love the rosy glow on everything during a pink sunset!

But I decided a few years ago to stop assuming there is nothing I can do, and just do a little something. There is always something I can do. Cut leaves out of paper with the kids and tape them to the window. Bake with cinnamon. Put some oranges leaves, cloves and a cinnamon stick in a pot to simmer on the stove. (I even did this on my cooking stove before we had a wood stove- you can reuse it for a few days!)

This year, I was so happy to do corn stalks and some little pumpkins. But that was really the end of my fall decorating budget. Until I found these adorable little guys on clearance!

How CUTE is this!?

I just adore them! Some years I buy tiny pumpkins and gourds for the mantle, but of course they rot (and with the woodstove, they can rot pretty quickly). These are actually salt and pepper shakers!

I bought two sets, and tucked three of them in among the candles and white lights. (My favorite, simple go-to fall/winter mantle set up). The fourth one I set on my piano to do “just a little something” in my teaching studio.

It’s not fancy, and it won’t win any awards, but it’s cozy, warm, and the pumpkins make me smile!

Some other “little things” I did this week to make myself smile:

* stop to make a cup of nice tea, even if I have to sip it while teaching

* light a scented candle that says “aaaahhhh, fall!”

* crunch some leaves under my feet, even if it’s while I’m taking out the trash

Is there just a little something you could do that would make you smile?


Tomorrow we are crafting for the Thanksgiving table with my mom and sis-in-love. Nothing fancy, and something the kids can do with us. I’ll be sure to take pics!


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