The last couple years were crazy-hectic at this time. This year, despite the current-crazy, I wanted to make sure to stop and enjoy what I love about the season. I am hosting Thanksgiving for the 3rd or 4th year in a row. LOVE. We all so enjoy having family here for the day, to enjoy favorite foods, relax and enjoy a slow day to be together. But I didn’t want it to be a blur. I wanted to revel in the preparations. Sometimes I enjoy dressing things up for a more formal holiday occasion. But when I saw a simple bead craft with mason jars, I fell in love with the “home spun” holiday. So with calendars in hand, my mother and sis-in-love and I carved out an afternoon for crafting and tea.

In order to pull this off, we had to:

Get up and get school done early, so we could…

Eat lunch early, so we could…

Get to my mom’s (45 min away) and still have 3 good hours to visit and craft, so we could…

Get Phoebe back to town for ballet.

I made tonight’s dinner last night, while Levi made Monday’s dinner. (He cooks dinner on Mondays… he’s awesome like that. It’s also part of how he “pays” for his phone.) Then I brought part of the dinner with us to my mom’s, so Phoebe could eat dinner before we headed to dance.

Maybe this all sounds like a lot of work. But what I did was actually bought myself an afternoon off, to revel in the season, by planning a head. It was a gift to myself. And really, I didn’t do anything extra, I just made sure to do some things ahead of schedule. Writing was more complicated than implementing it, once I had the idea of how to make it work. I am reaping so much benefit from this kind of thinking. Creating time for other things, by approaching the week differently in my head.

I wonder what I’ll make time for next!



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