I know that autumn doesn’t officially end until December 21st (or 22nd?). But around here, at the point it definitely feels like winter already! So we are soaking up these days with temps in the mid-40’s, and taking care of odds and ends.

Like playing climbing trees:

Playing the the tree-house:

And being sure to sit in my swing, and take in the final fall “views from here.”

And then of course there are the less fun things, like swapping out the lawn mower with the snow blower in the shed. Although, when the snowblower starts up on the first try, that is pretty fun! 🙂

As you can see, we still have more things to put away, and more wood to stack. 🙂 But very thankful for the glorious weather to do it in! Although the mornings often dawn with frost covering the cars and grass, the sun is still managing to get us up into 40’s pretty often. Time for all of us here to get taking our vitamin D seriously!


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