We are so looking forward to having some family join us here for Thanksgiving tomorrow! The girls each had particular dishes they wanted to cook this year, which I thought was sweet!

Molly wanted to make corn pudding:

using a can opener is a new skill she is proud of!
a completely solo cooking job, except I helped her set it in the oven

Phoebe wanted to make chocolate cream pie, another solo performance!

It totally made me smile as I post these, to see the Molly was wearing green in front of the green back-splash, and Phoebe was wearing yellow against the yellow kitchen wall. 🙂

My sweet girls have been busy bees preparing for tomorrow, creating place tags, and helping to cook other dishes and clean today. I love how they get so excited to plan something special for others. Blessed.

I’ll be sharing the menu and recipes we have been working on. Hopefully I remember to take pictures tomorrow!


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