Eleven years ago, we were so blessed when SweetPea joined our family. After 3 months on bed-rest, they had to induce labor 3 1/2 weeks early due to my crazy-high blood pressure. Thankfully, although she was teeny (4 lbs 3 oz when we went home), she was breathing on her own, and only needed extra doctor visits to be tested/treated for jaundice. She was so teeny, we put her in her stocking after Christmas!

(these were pre-digital days, so these are “pics of pics” in my albums/scrapbooks!)

Her big brother (all of 3 years old at the time!) was so smitten with her; he couldn’t stop saying “She’s so tiny! She’s so cute!” over and over again. In fact, he never forgot to be gentle, was never jealous or rough. The ideal big brother.

And now, our Phoebe Grace is a talented ballerina, making her way toward her dream of being on pointe (coming next year!) and already practicing being a piano teacher, by teaching her little sister extra lessons in between the ones she gets from me.

Phoebe was a toy soldier in the Nutcracker at Merrill Auditorium again this year, with Maine State Ballet. A fabulous experience, and so amazing to see her up there again!

We can’t take pics during performance, but we were able to sneak some pics at the last rehearsal.

She is in the center here, forming the archway that the Nutcracker comes through. It was an opportunity to dance with some phenomenal dancers!

(4th one in from left here)

Happy Birthday to my SweetPea! So proud of how you are going after your dreams of music and ballet, so blessed by your sensitive heart, and tickled by your love for laughter. Thankful to be your mom, and share these growing-up years with you, homeschooling, and getting to watch you take the stage as you blossom into a lovely young woman. Love you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much! 🙂




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