When I first read about Tuesdays Unwrapped at ChattingattheSky.com I knew it was just what I needed for the month of December. Just as my series in October was a reminder to stop. To see. To smell. To revel in the daily gifts. This is a chance with other bloggers to remember to see the daily gifts, in the flurry (and often the flurry is full of wonderfully good things) of December. So on Tuesdays this month, I will be linking up with others- I am so excited!

Here are today’s every-day-gifts:

taking a moment to sit, sip, and read by the fire... even only 10 minutes!
Christmas packages arriving every day!


rain leaves puddles... and the gift of making mini sailboats to float in them!
time for a brisk short walk with my girls when a piano student cancelled
pink sky on the way home!

You can check out other unwrapped-everyday-gifts here as well!


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