_____ Days to a More Natural Medicine Cabinet

Pardon the blank, but the timing wasn’t right for the 31 Days Challenge this year. (I had so much fun participating during the last two years, with a series on Less Stress in Allergy Free Eating, and one on Embracing Autumn: So Long, Seasonal Affective Disorder.)

I had to leave it blank, because I have no idea how many posts this will be, but I am very excited to share how we have been making the change from a standard medicine cabinet, to one with natural alternatives that have been working so well for our family.

herbs drying in kitchen windowHerbs drying that a friend shared with me from her abundance-I’ll let you know how I”ll be using them!

I’ll be sharing a variety of things, things I make, things I buy… herbs, essential oils, rubs. Feel free to chime in the comments with things that have worked for you!


#1: Treating High Blood Pressure




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