I have dreamed of a vacation week like this… but didn’t dare to ask for one.  Yet, my hubby blessed me with spending two of his vacation days working on our kitchen… and I mean working! I shared some ideas I had been envisioning, and he made it happen!

Here is what we did:

We built some shelving for up over the stove.  I put all my cooking stuff there- spices, vinegars, etc…  Also, I spray painted the little “island” that I use as counter space white, and it now blends in nicely.  No more awkward three large objects floating in space, and wasted wall space, where there should have been cabinets!

black shelves

Then, I mentioned I’d like to see what it would look like to take the top cabinet doors off, and paint the inside of the cupboards white.  SO we did… and I LOVE The result!!!

white cupboards

THEN, I said that I had been wishing we had some seating in the kitchen, so it didnt’ feel so isolating to be working out there.  I said “could we somehow manage to create a small bar counter over and around the large radiator on the outside wall, and put some stools around it?  The heat would still radiate into the room, but that wall would not be totally wasted space, AND I’d have a little seating… so he built this…

new counter and stools

I finished out with spray painting a couple things red, for a little more pop of color… I did this bowl that I use for my tea bags (used to be gold)…

tea basket

and this mug rack… used to be a natural finish.

mug rack

All told we spent MAYBE $70.  The counter was a reusing of an old one my parents had.  Kind of rough on the surface, but FREE and still usable, and a nice light color that would not fight with the room.  And the stools came from my sis in law, who was changing looks in her kitchen.

I am SO in LOVE with the new look of my kitchen!!!  The yellow counter-top area actually FEELS larger because I don’t have those  huge white doors in my face while I’m working.  My pretty canisters etc are on display.  I have a place for someone to sit and keep my company while I’m cooking, or a place to sit myself while I sip tea, and keep an eye on dinner cooking.  Also, a place for the kids to eat if it’s just the four of us, like at lunch or breakfast.  Also, stools are a chance to bring in a little fabric (seat covers or cushions) which also make a room feel cozy.

Not picture here, is that we “bunked” the girls’ beds, opening up their floor for more playing space, took a couple small bookshelves out of the schoolroom, moved the computer to a different corner, to make space for my sewing table in the Dining Room.  (“Tis the season to be sewing, after all!)

I am too tired (had a show tonight… girls are still up, singing in their beds) to re-link to my inspirational blogs, that have reminded me it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful, and that you often do a lot more than you think with what you have, and maybe a couple pieces of lumber and some spray paint!!  Sometime, I’ll come back and add that in to this post.   But even this post doesnt’ have to be perfect.  Phew!!


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