Truly, I am not that anxious for snow, but my kids are.  In fact, I still find myself dreading being snowed in, and cold all the time.  BUT, in an effort to make this a more-active-outdoors-winter, we are going to take up ice skating as a family this year, including making  a rink in our backyard, to make it more likely we will go out OFTEN!!  I haven’t skated in 15 years… I hope I don’t break anything! LOL!

BUT! Despite dreading the snow, which I am going to work on embracing with a smile, I came across an easy and beautiful project for creating a nice winter-look in the house.

snowing windoe

Doesn’t it look reminiscent of snow falling?

snowing doorway

I linked to it, from here.

These pics don’t really do it justice.  It really is prettier in person.  Unfortunately, this project did cost much more than I normally spend on an impromptu craft, or even to decorate the house.  I did not already own what I needed, and the stuff wasn’t cheap.   BUT, it IS a simple, pretty mess-free craft, that creates a decoration fit for the winter, not just for Christmas, and I just SO loved the idea, I had to try it!

Since craftstylish already explained how to do it, I won’t bother.  But it uses circle sticky-labels, and glide floss (flat tape kind).  That’s it!


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