My new CD is nearly done.  Somewhere in CA, they are boxing them up, and shipping them to me on Thurs.  A project nearly a year in the making- longer if you go back to the writing of some of the songs- and I am so excited to put these songs into people’s hands and see how God uses them!

Does that sound arrogant? I have to admit that all of this thinking about promoting this CD (which we are actively going to do) has me struggling with a lot of “stuff” in my head.  One of them being “How arrogant is THAT, to say that God wants to use these songs to minister to people?”  Another being “is it mercenary to TRY to sell CD’s?”

In the meantime, I am doing what  “people” who know how to use the amazing networking ability of the internet to share info, music etc say to do.  I have joined twitter.  I am already a pretty big FB user.  (Big by MY standards- not liking to spend a ton of time on the web- I have 450 or so “friends”).

BUT, regardless of the headgames, I was obedient to make a CD, and I am anxious for people to hear it, and see what they think!  The new CD has 11 songs, all written by me (one is a celtic instrumental arrangement of an old, old hymn).  We are hoping to have downloadable purchasing up on my site this week: .  Currently we are rewriting content, and getting the sales portion set up.  The site is not fancy at this point, but Rich has put in an incredible amount of time and effort to get something useable up there… and I am very excited to have the downloads available from my own site this time around!  In fact, you can now purchase downloads of my first CD there now.

Well, thanks for indulging my little stream of consciousness about my new CD!  You can be sure I’ll be posting here when it’s all ready to go!


3 Thoughts on “I’m all a-twitter!”

  • we also struggle with the same issues but with regards to the gifts and talents God has given us. How do we use those to bless the body but yet pay for our costs in doing so? And what about making money off of those gifts and talents??

    The truth is God does want to use your gifts and talents (that He gave you) to minister to people (which is why He gave them to you). But as soon as money enters the picture I find navigating those waters tricky.

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