Rich is Home

rich and wislyrich and augenson laoptop

Just wanted to send a quick note to say Rich is back home, safe and sound tonight.  I’ve been crying the whole time, as he tells about the conditions there, and stories about our sweet boys…

how Augenson sobbed and sobbed all over Rich when he was packing to go…

the rubber band Augenson sent for me, which I am wearing and will wear until he gets home!… (Rich has one too)….

the little packet of cheese and crackers he got out and handed to Rich and said “Mum. Mum.”  This sweet little boy, who hasn’t always had enough to eat, sent me his cheese and crackers.  I just cried and cried.

Wisly, and how whenever Rich entered the room, he would go over to him, and put his arms up, and grin his adorable smile…

how he was always just happy to sit and cuddle Rich for long periods of time….

the brightly colored fancy dresses of the girls….

their gleaming white smiles in their beautiful dark faces…

the smell of the sewer running in the streets…

the buildings they drove past, where the pastor told them they had not been able to get the bodies out yet….

this is the home of our boys, until governments are moved like mountains, and $10000 comes in, so we can bring them home.

Thank you for praying for Rich and this trip.  He truly did form a bond with our boys.  And somehow, I did, too.  Rich said that often during the day, when there was no power, Augenson would go to the laptop and point and say “Mum. Mum.”  He wanted so much to see me and talk to me.  The internet working was such a blessing, as I really got spend time with them too.

So now, we cry, we pray, we work, and we cry and pray some more….

God is able.

God is faithful.

I am wearing this rubber band to prove it.

One thought on “Rich is Home

  1. Spring….what a story to read, crying tears for you as I feel the pain and frustration you feel as a mother that can do enough fast enough. We are also adopting from Haiti and a friend that is there now just sent me pictures of Meline and all I can do I cry for wanting to get her home so badly. Praying for you, thank you again for sharing this story! I will never look at a rubber band the same way now.
    Peace and joy,
    Michelle Ammons

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