So, as I mentioned yesterday, I have been doing a bit ton of reading!

Reading for fun (the last of Levi’s Sonlight Readers from this year’s World History Course…. that we LOVED!!!):

Shadow of a Bull, The Second Mrs Giaconda, Mary, Bloody Mary, A Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver, I, Juan de Pareja, Catherine, Called Birdy (that I decided to NOT have Levi read :)), and The Shakespeare Stealer.  Incidentally, I absolutely LOVE all the amazing books I get to read, using Sonlight… books I would never have known about.  L.O.V.E.  ok, I’ll move on. 😉

I have also been reading several blogs… some new to me in the past few months.  My daily reads tend to be:

A Holy Experience (this link is the first post I saw of hers)

Sorta Crunchy


Kitchen Stewardship

These blogs are not people living the same life I am living (although some of them homeschool), but they are living lives that inspire me to stretch, to grow, and I like the things they make me thing about.  Whether it’s cooking healthier food, working on living in the moment, pursuing dreams and goals, (figuring out dreams and goals), there is a common thread of focusing on family, living as a follower of Jesus, doing the best you can in the time you’ve been given. These are not the usual messages you find women in today’s world, and it feeds my soul and spirit to read the stories and daily reflections of these women.

This blog: Kisses From Katie, is also so stirring to read.  I have linked through to her a couple times from other places.  But her post this month, on June 3rd (our anniversary) was so moving, I had to read it several times.   (I can’t find a way to perma-link to that day’s post… it is so worth finding though, if it has been bumped down by new posts.  Really, read that post instead of mine!  (Funny, she is reading the same book I am… it’s a message I think God is breathing around the world).

So much stirring in my head, from all of this reading… so much to write, even more in type than in song… perhaps the “siren’s call?”

It’s been wonderful these last weeks, carving out time for more reading.

Now, maybe it’s time to write. 🙂





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