Somedays are like finding your first ripe raspberries,  tended by your own hand… and the sun is shining, and the air is dry…. and the kids are laughing in the pool….

And you taste a few berries, and put the rest into the fridge to save for your best friend, and slip into the chilly pool with the kids, and drift around in an inner-tube, having inspiring conversations about dreams and possibilities and goals with your almost-teenage son… and then you drift some more, playing detective with your little girls…

And you end with a few minutes of tending your growing garden with the little girls, and crunch the first pea-pods of the season… and ooh and aah with them over the “tiny baby pea pod” just beginning to grow on the tallest vine.

And you breath a deep long sigh of contentment… and head back into the house… to face dinner prep, and the lack of a shower, and the construction equipment in the middle of the living room.  And none of it can disturb the peace of the gift of such an idyllic day.

Grateful. 🙂


One Thought on “Idyllic…”

  • I had that kind of afternoon too friend. Swimming at a neighbors pool with the kids and even facing a late dinner prep didn’t bring me down from that feeling of summer contentment.

    PS. I’m glad you’re enjoying the berries. I miss them.

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