Yes, it really does say “day 6,” and this is the first post about summer revelry.  Really more “reveling” than revelry, as according to the dictionary a revelry involves copious amounts of alcohol… and I can’t drink any.  However, this post IS about my determination to revel in every last day of summer this August!

On August 1st, I was thinking how quickly the summer has gone by, so busy-busy-busy! And I was wishing I had gone swimming more.  So, I decided  to make  sure I swim (or at least dunk under once) for all 31 days of August.  I figure, after 31 cold dunks, rain or shine, I will be CELEBRATING the arrival of September! 🙂

I am also planning some specific summer-y things, like a day at Storyland (thanks for all the waitressing shifts, Mom!), weekly trips to the ocean.  Even though we will begin to layer in some more regular academic work beginning August 22, it will not be at the expense of summer… I mean, you can read in the tree house, or on a swing, and you can review math facts in an innertube… and on rainy days, or steamy afternoons with the air conditioner on you can work on handwriting and spelling. 🙂  But getting a head start on SOME things, will allow us the freedom to take off time during the year.

So, tomorrow looks like rain… might mean another 7:30 a.m. dip!


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