This is the wall I was talking about on FB today.   This is the wall I see when I walk into the kitchen.  I removed ALL clutter ( aprons hanging etc, cooler, catfood bag etc) AND I removed the curtains, which are lovely, long and red (made by my mom to my dream specifications).  The thing is, it’s NOT a bright kitchen, and it is very small.  So I am trying to figure out a way to make it lighter, FEEL more airy/spacious, and just generally a prettier more inviting room to spend so much time in.

I brought in a lamp I had leftover in my  music room makeover… definitely makes for a friendly, softer look at my little breakfast counter!

Anyway, this is the wall I am thinking of painting.  Although the more I look at it, the more I think I might paint the sink wall too.

Here are a couple more pictures of the kitchen, so you can see the black shelves etc, and the red accents.  I did NOT tidy the shelving in any way- this is your real-life look at my open cupboards! 🙂  If you have not seen my kitchen before, trust me when I say that having the upper cupboard doors off (that are literally the SIZE of DOORS) really makes the kitchen feel less claustrophobic.  I admit I need to work on the arrangement of the shelves… open shelving requires that from time to time! 🙂  (That;s my crockpot cooking away at some lasagna)  PLEASE NOTE THE COUNTERTOPS. 🙂

As I cannot afford to change the countertop at this time, whatever I do has to be around the countertops.  I don’t want to pretend they aren’t there, and fight with the color scheme, I want to enhance it.

Next pic is the black shelving and “island” that GREATLY improved my cooking-from-scratch lifestyle, in a kitchen with very little storage or work space.

And just to finish the intro to my kitchen, this is where we put the dishwasher back into a cupboard, to make the shelves more easily reached.  All the fam agrees, unloading the dishwasher is MUCH better with this new set up.  (Again, note red dishes… although, I COULD move away from red accents if I were REALLLLY in love with a new color scheme that goes with yellow)

OK Friends! What do you think?  How can I embrace what IS with this little kitchen with YELLOW countertops, and make it better? Color ideas?  (If it happens to STILL work with the red, that would be nice, but I’ll keep my options open.)  I am considering roman shades, that bring a little color  but don’t cover the whole window frame like curtains do. The big windows are about the only thing this kitchen has going for it (even if the sun never really comes in through them).

I’d also like to add that I have a thing for turquoise colors right now, although in the past green has always been my fav color.  I have a couple little accents in the turqoise right now, for fun.  Oh, and I do like French Country.

Ok, Let’s chat! 🙂


5 Thoughts on “Kitchen Help…”

  • Well, maybe you can consider changing the hardware on the cupboards-change to a light turquoise color for the hinges and drawer pulls/cupboard door handles, then stencil a turquoise design on the walls to match……and paint one wall turquoise (we did our whole bedroom that color and it was scary, but turned out ok in the end, LOL!). I agree with the Roman shades or just do valences and nothing else to keep as much light as you can!

  • I would look for a print fabric that has yellow and white in it at Mardens – $3.99/yd and make the Roman shades for the windows. Then I would work with the colors in the fabric; add a circular accent rug in the center to warm the kitchen, maybe a painting, small accent lamps etc. I would paint the black shelves white so they match the other shelves and then organize. I like the yellow and can see a sunflower print of sorts with moss green / tan / yellow / white and maybe just a touch of red or orange. Not too much since they are dominate colors. This could be fun!

  • Oh Ande- I had forgotten to think about hardware changes! Deb- I had thought of making my own roman shades… if my mom would help me (not so good at figuring out that kind of thing on my own! LOL) Hmmm… I think I need to go fabric browsing, and google some French design!

  • Roman shades are very easy to make and inexpensive 🙂 The cost really is in the hardware. They help hold the heat in the winter. I have the roman shade pattern if you would like to borrow it. soft blue/moss green/yellow/white/and tan would be very pretty also.

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