I am very excited to participate in a “progressive dinner” of sorts for Bloggers, coming up in October!  Each person plans to write one post for each of the 31 days of October, along the theme of “31 Days of Change,” with whatever focal-area she chooses.  Last year I followed some on organization, stress-free entertaining, decorating your home for the seasons etc.

I wasn’t planning on participating originally, because I felt like I had nothing to offer.  But for the last month the idea would not go out of my head.  Even after deciding I wanted to join in, I couldn’t decide on a topic.  All that kept coming to mind was allergy-free eating.  And I wanted so much to blog about something more… meaningful? Encouraging? Important?

I finally decided that if my mind was constantly on this topic idea, maybe I should run with it?  So I have begun compiling my list of entries, and I am on day 23 already.  Hmmm… maybe I am onto something!  Looking forward to seeing what all the great topics are coming soon!


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