Today I did my first recording session at Baked Beans Studio in Harrison. It was really fun take some time to focus on singing my songs, and challenge myself to sing excellently. (It’s like taking a majorly zoomed mirror and holding it up to your face… there are things you would never notice from hearing something sung live, that when they are caught on “tape” and broadcast over the speakers, are like seeing your pores look like the Grand Canyon!)

Anyway, it was fun, and I got 5 songs recorded, with piano and voice, in 3 hours. I think I will do 3-4 more at my next session and call that a full cd for this round.

While I was at the studio, my kids had a fun morning at my mom’s. She had a special springtime project and a new movie planned, as well as treats for tea. The kids had a great time, and I got back in time to join them for tea before we had to head home.


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