Well, I can’t believe October is already here, but here its, and time for 31 Days of Change!  As I mentioned before, although I am very far from being a food-blogger, I just could not get away from the idea of blogging for 31 days about how I deal with eating and multiply food allergies.  Then, recently  I had a request (not the first!) to help someone’s friend who found out they needed to be gluten-free, and they were overwhelmed.  I have reinvented the wheel many times in helping others, so here is a chance for me to compile it all in one place, and be motivated to do it by joining this blog-challenge!  (I do well with external motivations) 😉

So, here we go!

For today, I thought I would tell you a bit about myself, and the foods I have to avoid. I discovered my food allergies 3 years ago, through an elimination diet recommended by my doctor.  (Incidentally, my high blood pressure and some other health issues resolved themselves after removing these foods from my diet, and I got off several medications).

I am primarily gluten-free, corn-free and soy-free. I also have a milder allergy to white potato, which I have to rotate in my diet.  I have not been able to eat eggs or bananas for years, because they just don’t agree with me, although I find I can use eggs in baking; I just can’t eat them straight.  (Watch for a post on duck eggs!)  I look forward to sharing some: recipes, products, tips and other things that have worked for me on my allergy-free journey, including how I handled the emotional days when “it just doesn’t seem fair.”

We have discovered that my 6 year old also cannot eat gluten, and we are honing in on some other possibilities (big surprise, they seem to be the same as mine) so I will also be writing about eating allergy-free for a child, while discussing eating on the road, hidden ingredients I have fallen victim to, “to make or to buy,” and other things!

Thanks for stopping by! Looking forward to discovering some great new blogs, and meeting some new people over the next 31 days!


This is part of a 31 Days series on Less Stress in Allergy-Free Eating.  To view a list of all the posts in the series you can go here. To subscribe to my posts via email, you can go to my homepage, and type in your email address in the box on the right-hand margin.  To view the list of over 700 bloggers participating in this 31 Days blogging challenge go here!


4 Thoughts on “31 Days to Less Stress in Allergy-Free Eating- Day 1”

  • Love that you are doing this! Though we don’t have allergies, I am looking forward to being encouraged by your journey to and through a new style of eating. Thank you!

  • Thanks, Em! It’s going to be a fun and yummy month I think! (and you don’t have to have allergies to enjoy the yumminess! 🙂

  • Agreed! It can he so helpful to know what to make or buy if someone who has food allergies will be coming over- and it really speaks volumes to gluten-free person to feel cared for! (I have two wonderful sis-in-laws who always go out of their way to do this for me, and it blows me away with the LOVE 🙂

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