Hooray for Day 2 of 31 Days of Change! If you haven’t, you should check out all the great blogs participating in this month-long linky-party!!

The blogosphere has revolutionized my life in a fantastic way (with the challenge of keeping my “screen-time” in check).  It was one of the two main things that made going suddenly gluten-corn-and-soy-free doable, and then reap the health benefits.

I am not a natural when it comes to cooking, even before having to eat allergy-free.  I was a recipe-follower: I just did what the instructions said and hoped it came out right!  But gluten-free cooking is very finicky- no two flours act alike.  I found one blog in particular, http://glutenfreegoddess.blogspot.com/, that didn’t just give me recipes, but taught me how to cook gluten-free, explaining how things work, so that I would be a smarter cook after each post, not just one recipe richer, but more intelligent about how to approach cooking in general. (Did you know you were supposed to taste things as you go!? GASP! Like I said, not a natural in the kitchen).  😀  Since following Karina’s blog for 2 years, I began, for the first time in my life (both post-and pre-allergies) to create my own recipes.  I can’t wait to share some of them with you!

This past year, I began looking for some recipes with less sugar, and things I did not have to tweak as much for my multiple allergies.  These are not blogs I use regularly, but have gleaned from and have helped me on my journey to create recipes that work for me:





The first major resource that helped me get started eating allergy-free was a friend whose family ate gluten and corn free as well.  Having someone hand you a stack of recipes, and a couple blog links, for things that have worked for them really lifts some weight off the shoulders!  This is why I am doing this series of posts on my not-normally-a-food-blog, because I really really enjoy giving people a hand at making the change to allergy-free eating! It can make all the difference!

Are there any blogs that have helped you with allergy-free eating? Both recipes and cooking advice?


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