So, a little delay on the granola post, because we celebrated my birthday  yesterday, and I thought I’d still get around to writing, but I didn’t!  I thought I’d take today to share how I celebrated with food that I didn’t have to make!

My just-turned-teenager son offered to bake me a cake as his gift to me… imagine my excited dancing when I said YES!  He used Bob’s Red Mill Chocolate Cake Mix.  It’s not quite as amazing as some things I’ve made from scratch (or from Pamela’s Mixes) but it is totally allergy-free for me, and with some ice-cream on top- it’s perfect!  This cake mix is what my family uses to include me in festivities as well, if they are baking for a birthday/holiday etc.

For ice-cream, when I am not making my own, I love Purely Decadent’s coconut-milk ice-cream line.  (Dairy Free, and SOY Free!) THIS is their list for gluten-free products, and they have a complete allergen list as well. I have recommended this ice-cream to other dairy-free friends/families, and they all fell in love with it!  It is definitely pricey, but with birthdays and such, we definitely choose happy around here! 🙂


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