I have to take a short rabbit trail from food this morning, to blog the house projects I got done yesterday!  I got two porches painted a welcoming red that I am LOVING, and some valances made for kitchen, bedroom, and front door windows.  So, here we go!  (Still having to take photos with my camera so the quality, light etc is just plain bad… oh well.. at least I have one to make do with for now!)

Isn’t it so cheerful!?

My girls adore pink… this fabric just suited them!

Kitchen window… late in the day it’s too dark to photo it, morning is too bright- oh well! LOL!  Putting up shades under the valances today!  I’ve had full curtains in all of the windows for years, but the windows are so wonderfully  big and light, I decided to try valances (with shades for evening privacy- we live in town) to let in more light- so far, loving it!

This door has a shade mounted on it from previous owners.  I finally got around to making a valance to hide the shade. (We won’t talk about how I’ve lived here for 6 years right now) 😛

It’s amazing what I can get done with a week off from school- finishing up a few more things today!


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