Well, not really any tricks here… just treats! 🙂

With Halloween approaching, we have been having a lot of conversation about candy, and treats, chocolate (and how it is harvested), and how we want to address this issue as a family.  We LOVE to dress up at our house, but don’t like the focus candy (which we don’t eat often), where the chocolate comes from, the cold, or any of that “traditional” scary stuff.

But of course, we LOVE TREATS at our house!  🙂  So while we hash this whole idea out, I have been checking out our options for treats for our family.  I was very excited about a post I saw about making your own peanut butter cups!  She is doing 3 days in a row of make-your-own-candy.

I do not plan on trying to make all 3!  But I would like to find something to make for an alternative, as well as things like our almond joy balls, the peanut butter “cup” balls.

Also, I thought I’d mention a couple other “treats” we buy... because sometimes, if you have to take the time to make it, it doesn’t feel so much like a treat, you know?!

This was my first favorite find for purchased cookies.

The ones I buy are in a brown box… so not sure why this picture doesn’t match.  Anyway, they are  amazingly delicious!  They do contain a little soy, but this small amount doesnt’  bother me as a once-in-a-while thing, if I have been keeping my diet free of soy.

They also come in LEMON!

The box is yellow in my stores… again, not sure why… maybe the new design hasn’t reached Maine yet? 😉

My daughter has good luck with Pamela’s chocolate chip cookies:

…although, I THINK I may have reacted to them.  (These are not dairy free, and might have baking powder in them… need to check again).

I think I will also stock up on red grapes, a kid-favorite here.

What do you do about treats at Halloween?  Little M would like hear what other people do, and so would I! 😉

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