For Christmas, a couple years ago, my husband got me a double toaster.  Call me crazy, but I thought that was an incredibly awesome gift, because he knows when I am preparing food for our family, a single-serving toaster really slows things down, and means by the time I get to eat, everyone else is already done!  It also reminds me how much he loves me when I make toast or bagels for the family. 🙂

Last year for Christmas, he got me a large griddle.  I am telling you, this griddle rocks!! It is one of my most favorite kitchen inventions EVER.  Here it is tonight, loaded with burgers (some beef, and some turkey). (Pardon the phone-photo!)

I can also fit 9 pancakes on at a time!  Can you say “Woohoo!! Mom gets to sit down and eat with everyone else!”

Last year, he also got me these great little gadgets, because he knew I was ooh-ing and ah-ing over some recipes on the gluten-free-goddess that I couldnt’ make without them.

Maybe you all won’t think it’s very romantic… but being a pretty practical kind of gal, I just love receiving gifts of things I could really use, or really want to use, but have not spent the money because it’s not a true need.  (Although, being able to eat an english muffin once in a while might be a need).  Anyway, this guy knows me. 🙂

My next favorite tool is one I use nearly every day.  I have a crush on my factory refurbished Vitamix.  I waited years before I could spend the money on one, but last year we finally made it happen.  It was worth the wait, and every penny.

I make smoothies (fruit and/or protein… sometimes with a few veggies tucked in), puree tomatoes for sauce, make sorbet, ice-cream, and you name it in this baby!  I also started making rice milk in it this summer.  Fast and easy!

Lastly, my food processor is very heavily used.  In fact, it is so heavily used that it is coming apart in several places and desperately needs to be replaced. Since I bought it 12 years ago, for about $30 I am not complaining.  I use my food processor to slice veggies, to make almond joys and chocolate peanut butter balls, and other protein bars. I would really be lost without it!

Lastly, my other bestest friend in the kitchen is my crockpot. What more does anyone need to say about a crockpot? You prep early in the day, you go do life, and come home to dinner all ready for you.  It’s almost as good as having kitchen help.

The next thing I would really like to acquire (and learn how to use) is a pressure cooker. My friend Renee wrote a post about her pressure cooker awhile back, and recommended a book for learning how to use it.  It’s on my Christmas list. 🙂




One Thought on “Day Twenty: My Favorite Kitchen Tools”

  • I had/have one (not sure if all parts are there) that L and J bought me years ago. I found that the meat portion of the meal was done before the potatoes…never quite got the rythm of it although the person who suggested I get it was really sold on it!

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