I’ve shared with you about my method for decision-making with foods.  I thought I would also admit to sometimes choosing to eat a food, and “suffering the consequences.”  Meaning… being doped out on Benedryl for the rest of the day.

My primary temptation is corn.  Gluten is my worst reaction, and I actually don’t really pine for it anymore… I really do have endless options that keep me satisfied and happy, when it comes to gluten.  But there is just no substitute for popcorn, corn on the cob, or tortilla chips.  (I do MAKE a rice tortilla chip… more on that tomorrow).

So, once in a while, I choose to eat corn.  If I have been keeping my diet “clean,” then I might react as slightly as a flush or some pimples.  If I have not made sure to keep my diet allergy free, my throat could swell some.  So, if we are having a family movie night, or a family cookout in summer, and I  just want to have some corn, I might.  But first, I take some Benedryl.

(Funny story, I now get Benedryl ads in my email… I think they are onto me!)

I carry Benedryl, and keep it in the car, in case I eat something with a surprise ingredient in it, or that was cross-contaminted.  I also carry an epi-pen, should the Benedryl ever not be enough.  (Once on  a bad gluten reaction, I had to take Benedryl every 4  hours for 3 days… but I have not ever had to use the epi-pen).  My allergist recommended Zyrtec as less harsh than Benedryl, and longer lasting, but the sleepy-fog lasts for at least 3 days with that stuff… so I prefer the shorter acting one.  More zonked at first, but over it quicker.

The thing is, I think the reason I don’t crave the gluten at all, is because I have been completely free of it.  I know it works that way with sugar, too.  The longer I go without it, the less I crave it, until I don’t even want it.  So, after a few months of corn-cheating on occasion, I am heading into an all-out corn free time.  It won’t be fun.  It won’t be easy.  But I will also not be in a stupor because of that Benedryl.  And, I will get past “needing” to cheat and eat corn.

Do you ever find yourself giving in, and eating something you know will make you react in some way?  I sure have!

(Hey, isn’t it funny, the word “cheat” has the word “eat” in it!?)


3 Thoughts on “Day Twenty-Eight: On Cheating, Accidents, and Benedryl”

  • We use to use Benadryl too until we called the company and found out it isn’t gluten-free. Now we use a Walgreens generic that is considered gluten-free.

  • That is very interesting to hear! I have trouble with zyrtec as well, because it often has cornstarch in it. I use Benedryl liquigels, not the tablets, because I do react the the tablets, first my throat swells shut, THEN it starts to treat my reaction- that must be why. The liquigels don’t bother me at all- there is no starch in them. But I wonder if there is some tiny amount still in it somewhere.

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