Well, we have had a whirlwind weekend, with my 9 yr old starting up rehearsals for the Nutcracker with Maine State Ballet, and my 13 yr old finishing up a two-week run of a show at the community theater (3 shows this weekend).  Add to that a bizarre snowstorm that had the kids outside making snowmen in October, and I am feeling all out of sync with my calendar, and life in general.

So, I passed on the blogging, squeezed in a lunch date with my 6 year old (who has not seen me as much with the running around for the oldest ones the last several days), a playdate for the oldest, got the yard ready for winter, and resorted to my basic waffles, muffins, and store-bought gluten-free bread.  We munched on dehydrated fruit, leftover homemade applesauce made last week, and trail mix made up from whatever I had on hand.  (Sliced almonds, dry roasted peanuts, raisins, and a few leftover chocolate chips).  I sliced up a bunch of carrots and celery for munching, and kept them in water in the fridge.

I cooked in big batches, so quick and easy meals needed at odd times were easy to heat up, and planned for easy things like oatmeal, and grilled cheese sandwiches, and crockpot chicken.  I did run out of a couple ingredients, because I did not do a late-week shopping trip, relying on my pantry for meals.  But they were things we managed to do without, and all and all, I am pretty happy with how I pulled off the food portion of this week.  (Although my kids are beginning to write things like “butter” and “ketchup” in big letters on my grocery whiteboard) 🙂

It was for times like these, that I worked on coming up with my “basic” or standard recipes and snacks this summer.  And while I have laundry, and other housework to catch up on, I think a little effort tonight, combined with some breakfast cookies in the morning, will get our week off to an okay start!  (Maybe I need to work in a hot bath, too) 😉



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