I am proud to be married to a man who served in the US Navy for 6 years, including during Desert Storm in the Persian Gulf.  I was in high school at the time, and had not yet met this wonderful man, but I had friends that I had known in high school also in the Gulf during the war and I can clearly remember those days… coming home from school and being riveted to the news for months on end.  Praying.  Sending cards.

I can’t even imagine doing it as a Navy-Wife… and my heartfelt thanks goes out to the wives and families of those who have served and are currently serving… your sacrifice is great, as well!

But, back to my veteran! The cities of Lewiston/Auburn have a memorial next to the river that borders to two cities.

(This photo shows only half of the semi-circle of memorial stones).

This year, when they added a new stone, my very favorite man’s name was on it.

  Richard A. Gouette  USN  PG (Persian Gulf)

We visited this afternoon, in the setting sun (at 3 in the afternoon).

We explored, read, talked, prayed and froze our toes off! 🙂

We wrapped with up with a ride to our favorite hill to watch the sunset.  Proud of my hubby.  Love my family.  Great day!

I am also proud to have a grandfather, and two of his brothers, and one of his sons who all served our great country!  My cousin’s husband served in the Marines.  My husband’s grandfather also served, spending time serving in the army, in the navy, and the army reserve.  Lots to be proud of, and lots to be thankful for.


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  • Very proud of you Richard Gouette and thanks to all the family members who have served and sacrificed.

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