I went here today for the first time. I met with a neat doctor, who sees medication as a wonderful tool that is over used, and that most people are missing out on the amazing healing power of food. We spent 90 minutes! talking about the broad gamut of things that are out of balance and malfunctioning in my body. For those of you who like to keep up on the details I will post them below. Also, I would like to mention my gratitude for the way God provided the funds for this appt at the last minute (as this doctor is not covered by my insurance).

Dr. Kustra thinks that the best first step for me is an elimination diet. Meaning for 1-2 weeks I will eat no wheat, corn, soy, or eggs and dairy (the last two I already don’t eat, so those are easy). She said if I would do the diet at 80% I should still benefit. If I am feeling better off of those things, I will stay off of them for another 1-2 weeks, and then try introducing each item one at a time, for a few days each, until we see how I respond to all of them. After 1-2 weeks, if my blood pressure is still running really high, I will go on a tiny dose of BP med, just to lower it a little to a safer level. The plan will be to get off of them, when my body is doing better.

We also tested my thyroid, and B vitmins, and I forget what else. Also I am starting a powerful vitamin D protocol, and then we will test my vitamin D in 8 weeks. She was very happy to hear about my dietary changes, and believes it is going to help. I will also start a green juice for a while, to help “beef up” my nutrition… 2 tsps is like drinking a few salads!

So, I will keep you posted!


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