Working on painting our LR walls this week. I am calling it an experiment for a couple reasons.

First, I am totally changing the feel of the room, from one deep rusty-red accent wall (and 3 creamy beige walls) to all four walls being shortbread-yellow.

It is also an experiment because I have been working weekends, and I don’t have the luxury of painting out the whole room at once. (The reason I need to paint THIS week, is because our new couch is coming next weekend- bought with my waitressing money at a bargain place- so I want the painting done and the furniture moved before then).

It is a challenge for me to work on it a little each day, because I am a let’s-push-and-get-this-whole-project-done-now kind of person. It’s also a challenge to keep the LR livable for daily homeschooling and family life (and to not go crazy myself with all the disarray, of furniture pulled away from walls, and stuff stacked in odd places!)

Well, time to get today’s wall done! Can’t wait to post pictures of the done room! (I might also post some pictures of our old couch before we dump it… it’s so bad no one would even want it free-for-the-taking! LOL)


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