This week, we had 3 days in the 80’s in Central Maine. Unheard of for March! (But then again, so was 8 inches of snow on October 30 last fall). The girls were squealing with delight when they saw lilac buds on our trees, and Levi called me to the window to see a pair of cardinals, male and female, exploring our back garden.

This bud above peeks in at me from our kitchen porch. Had to photo it through the screen because it is so high off the ground! 🙂

I keep telling myself “it could still snow.” And last night we were back in the 20’s and the furnace kicked in. But my spirits just soar with these glimpses of spring!

The grass is still mostly brown, and there is not the usual green associated with spring, with it coming on so suddenly and early… but earth is responding slowly.

Is it spring in your yard yet???


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