To be totally truthful, it is not cheese at all, but a gluten-free, vegan alternative that I discovered at Karina’s Kitchen, a.k.a. the GlutenFreeGoddess. Ok, to be really truly totally truthful, my version wasn’t completely vegan as there was a little Parmesan cheese in the breadcrumb topping. Don’t try this hoping for a Kraft mac and cheese experience… but for a filling, real-food, baked mac and “cheese” dinner, this thing really hit the spot. Rich even ate TWO helpings!

The only other change I made was having to do without the splash of white wine Karina called for, as I didnt’ have any on hand… but it was still so divinely delicious! I never thought I’d eat anything like this again. I bet I could even sneak this in to a Standard American Diet potluck, and it would be eaten right up.

I am going to try her waffle recipe tomorrow. This site was a super find!!


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