It finally feels like summer at my house. We made a first jaunt to the ocean yesterday with my sis-in-love and her boys, and we had my little niece-cousin, too. (She’s my daughter’s age, but technically my cousin… big family… long story) 🙂

We started out with a picnic.

And just enjoying soaking up the sun, and cool sea breezes! Followed by playing the sand…

And playing in the water, of course!

…and watching the ships go by!

Then we walked the trail along the water to the lighthouse. (Hailing a ship!)

Lots of flowers to investigate… Gabe with a flower for his mom! 🙂

Taking in the view…


I loved this first view of the lighthouse, coming along the trail.

And then, while playing with my photos for the blog… couldn’t resist trying one of these…

I came home with pink shoulders (Eve’s Rescue Cream to the rescue!), and that lovely “I think we’ll all sleep well tonight” feeling.

And now, Rinse. Repeat. Welcome, Summer!



2 Thoughts on “First Beach Day of the Season”

  • Oh the summer memories! Castles, puddles, sailing out to Boone Island, crabs and star fish hunting. I really miss those times that I spent growing up as a child at Kbunk Beach. Sending my love to you’ll and hope to see you when we come to ME for two weeks over Labor Day. We plan to rent a house in Naples.

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