My favorite cookbook has done it again! I tried out a new recipe from the Healthy Snacks to Go E-book. This time I tried the Grain-Free Coconut Muffin. For the first batch, I added some lemon oil. (Sorry- no pic- we ate them all too fast!) Then today I added chocolate chips.

Can you say AMAZING? They are kind of spongy and nice and moist. (So many GF muffin recipes are very dry). They are very yellow due to the amount of egg, and the color of the coconut flour. So lemon seemed like a natural first addition. 🙂  I doubled her recipe and tweaked it slightly:

Instead of doubling the 1/4 c. syrup, I used just the 1/4 c. and then added 3 of the teeny scoops of stevia extract powder. We could NOT tell the difference!

Also, the recipe says they take 10-12 minutes to bake, but it took mine 15 minutes both times, to not be mushy on top.

These were still moist and tasty on the second day. (I managed to hide 3 to test it out- they are gone now, too) 🙂 They actually got a teeny bit “sweaty” on top in plastic, so if I manage to hide one again- I’ll try keeping it in a paper bag. I also want to see if they freeze well.

I have said before, this cookbook was the single best purchase I’ve ever made when it comes to finding ways to feed my family. Snacks are one of the hardest things to keep healthy and allergy free. But this cookbook makes it easy and fast to create wholefood snacks my whole family begs me to make again and again. I was blogging about how much I love this book, long before I became an affiliate! 🙂

Katie offers a variety of tweaks you can do to keep things allergy free, and many of them (maybe most?) are already free of my own allergens: gluten, corn and soy. Because of her own family’s food journey, the new version has some grain-free recipes, like the muffin recipe I made today!

I am a proud affiliate for Kitchen Stewardship’s e-books- so if you purchase a cookbook through the link below, I will receive a portion of the sale. You won’t regret it!

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