Isn’t it nice to have reasons to celebrate?  This weekend, we were celebrating the Captain, my best friend, my husband for 17 years. (Isn’t he so cute when his hair gets longer and curly!)

We celebrated the actual day at home on Saturday, with a shopping trip for hobby gear, and lots of time for doing his favorite things, like making music, puttering with electronics, and playing with the kids.

Then on Sunday, we went to my parents’ house and had a lobster and steak cook-out! It had rained heavily just before supper, so we had to set up the tables in the driveway. 🙂

My dad is the King of the Grill. He’s bringing my steak! 🙂

We could never count the number of events my mom has hosted for us- often after spending the day working at the restaurant like yesterday! She thanked Rich for having a birthday so we had a reason to get together and eat good food. I think I got my love of celebrating from her. (Thanks again, Mum!!)

Just as we finished eating, the kids starting shouting- there was a birthday-rainbow directly above us!

Ended up raining again when we were down on the Causeway getting ice-cream, so it’s just as well I hadn’t brought my camera down. But not even the weather could mess with such a perfect day.

Happy Birthday, Captain! Love you even more than last year! xoxoxoox


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