I know I am making up words here, but “good,” “yummy,” “delicious” and even “amazing” just don’t quite describe the muffin I just ate. I took the grain-free recipe I discovered in my Healthy Snacks to Go E-cookbook, and made them blueberry this time.

They. Are. AMAZING. Mouth-watering. Phenomenal. I need a thesaurus and a poem!

As in, you have to vocalize while you are eating them. “MMmmmm!!!! Mmmmm!! Gah! These are so GOOD!”  You know- that kind of amazing.

Warm from the pan (or re-warmed from the microwave), with a little butter melting, as the steam rises and the aroma of fresh baked blueberries preps your taste-buds for an extra-special experience.

In Molly’s words just now: “Mom! These muffins are magical!” 

Perhaps they have a new name: Magic Muffins?!

The kind of muffin where you look at each other afterward, and sigh and laugh and say “Can you believe it?! THEY ARE SO GOOD!”

Yup. That kind of good.

You can taste them, too! If you:

#1: Come to my house for tea.

#2: Buy the Healthy Snacks to Go e-book. 🙂  I double the recipe, EXCEPT I keep it to only 1/4 c of syrup, and add 3 of the teeny scoops of my stevia extract powder. Then I added a 1/2 c. plus of blueberries- I kept tossing in a few more until it looked like the way the batter looked growing up making blueberry muffins with my dad at 4:00 a.m. at the restaurant- you know “just enough” blueberries? 🙂

I am a proud affiliate for Kitchen Stewardship’s e-books- so if you purchase a cookbook through the link below, I will receive a portion of the sale. You won’t regret it!

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Dear Dad: No offense on the “best muffin ever” thing- after all, I’ve now been gluten, corn and soy free for 3 1/2 years… and these muffins reminded me of early morning kitchen prep with you, so proud when I was allowed to make the blueberry muffins by myself. If I had had some bacon cooking in the background, the experience would have been complete! Hmmm, I think the next batch of Magic Muffins needs to have bacon on the side!

If any of you are wondering how eating a muffin could have me waxing poetic and nostalgic, you just obviously have not tasted these muffins. 😀



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