I wasn’t going to write about my light box yet. But it has been raining for DAYS so I decided I’d use it, and write about it at the same time. Brilliant, yes?

another rainy day means more candles!

My doctor prescribed a light therapy box for me several years ago, for S.A.D. My insurance paid for it. (They don’t cover those sorts of things anymore, of course). The trick was, getting it out to use. Finding a place to plug it in. (My 100 yr old house still has a lot of 2-prong outlets). I had to sit still and do what?! next to a box for 20-30 minutes.

I know those don’t sound like things that should be a big deal. But in the middle of winter, with deficient Vitamin D, and a lack of serotonin, it was a big deal early in the morning.

Then one day, I had a brainstorm. How could I make it fail proof to use my light box? I needed it to be always accessible (no getting out and putting away). It needed to be already set up, in the way I would use it. (It needs to be about 18″ from your face, and at an angle, not directly in your eyes. At the time, I was getting in my piano practice right after breakfast. So I set the lightbox on my digital piano! Everyday, after breakfast, I would flick the switch, and get my light box AND piano practice done at the same time.

It was like magic. I used my light box almost every day. I practiced almost every day. Because either one or the other would get me to that bench.

This fall, I have been working on getting up earlier to fit in my exercise and quiet time before we start school. I was inspired by my friend Emily’s blog to create a space that would invite me out of bed on those dark mornings. She saw getting her own space ready as part of getting ready for “back to school.” (We both homeschool). I knew that was just what I needed.  And I knew I would soon be needing my lamp again. As part of that, I knew I had to find a way to make my lamp fail-proof again.  This was my solution.

my little corner- candles again... it was raining

This is my desk in the corner of our little music room. I put my wing-back chair there, because who wants to sit to pray and read in a hard desk chair? This one is cozy and comfy, and invites me in every morning. The light box is stored back against the wall on the desk all day, but it slides forward to be perfectly in place during my quiet time. (I wanted to show you how bright this thing is, but it doesn’t photograph well. It makes the rest of the room seem dark!)

a little camera fun time this morning

I’ll be sharing some other ways I have planned for success in other areas during this series as well! Here is a hint of one…

Is there something you know would make the shorter days easier, if you could just find a way to make it easier to follow through?

 This is the light box I have. It is NOT a Vitamin D lamp. (Those are much more expensive. sigh…) It is believe that S.A.D has something to do with light-deprivation. Many people experience a lessening of symptoms when using one of these, for 30 minutes or so in the morning. Do not use the lamp later in the day. It will throw off your melatonin production and make it hard to sleep!

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2 Thoughts on “Day 5: Planning for Success”

  • I too use a light box. I set up an annual reminder for myself (using my calendar software) to start using it on Sept.1st. Even though it will seem too early, it is vital for me to start it anyway! A half hour every morning while I eat breakfast and read the Bible.

  • That’s a great idea, Carol! I haven’t thought of that! I could put a note on for us all to start our vitamin D again, too- started a little late this year. Thanks for the idea!

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