I have a little story for you today. This is a true story, and the person’s name has not been mentioned to protect the easily distracted and easily impressed. (heehee)

If you want to make sure you work out in the morning, lay out your workout clothes and sneakers on a chair in your bedroom, so you’ll see them waiting for you when you get up. But when you get up, first you need to take your synthroid (which is in the kitchen where all the meds/vitamins are kept). 

If you go to the kitchen to take your synthroid, you’ll need a cup for the water. When you reach for a cup, you’ll see the shelf is empty, so you’ll have to open the dishwasher. When you open the dishwasher you’ll start putting cups on the shelf, and keep going until all the dishes are put away.

After you drink the water with your synthroid, you’ll need to go to the bathroom.  After you use the bathroom, you’ll start to wipe out the sink and clean the toilet. Then you’ll see the full hamper and decide to start a load of laundry. 

When you get ready to take the laundry into the chilly dusty basement you’ll want your sneakers. And you’ll realize your sneakers are upstairs in your bedroom. When you get upstairs to your bedroom, you’ll see your workout clothes still lying on the chair. But it’s now 7:30 and time to wake up the kids. 

See what I mean? It dawned on me one day, that I COULD break with tradition and keep my synthroid NEXT TO MY BED. And then just take up some water with me every night (which I usually did anyway). Such a simple thing. But it was like magic. I could take my synthroid, use the UPSTAIRS bathroom, and then workout before ever going downstairs.  And guess what?! I was finally exercising consistently. I just needed to put a little thought into setting myself up for success.

Exercising is a HUGE part of shifting my body chemistry in the winter. Ok, I finally said the evil word. Exercise! 🙂 This was 3 years ago… more on what works for me now tomorrow!


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