Today (writing this on the 7th) is my birthday. After waking up to the sound of my girls singing to me, I spent a leisurely morning sipping coffee, surfing 31 Days blogs, wrapped up in my new ultra fluffy bathrobe from my hubby and the kids. Then the thought popped into my head of how I wanted to spend part of my day: chasing beauty, with my camera.

We made a little date out of it!

We just roamed around some roads we hadn’t explored before, chatting, and looking for something to catch our eye.

When life gets so busy, it’s very easy for me to let things that “only” feel like a breath of fresh year feel unimportant. Unproductive.

Things like curling up with a book and some tea, or cuddling and tickling and giggling with some sweet little girls. Things I love. Sometimes it’s hard to choose those things with a pile of laundry starting at me, and a to-do list murmuring in my ear.

Coming into the fall, I have been trying to list things that feed my soul and leave me feeling refreshed, as though I just returned from a restful retreat.

I was actually surprised at how hard it was to come up with ideas sometimes. This series was one idea: to get me back to writing, to making time for writing and learning photography, and a reason to stop and focus on what I love, and have learned, about transitioning to fall.

I admit I love the perhaps overused analogy of life being a path or a journey. Because I like the idea that I don’t  have to “arrive,” I just have to keep moving in the right direction. Arriving? Sounds daunting. Exhausting. Trying? I can do that.

Thankful for a birthday at this time, where I feel free to choose all of those things I love, and remember how important and powerful they are. Even if they don’t look impressive on a resume.

What are some things you could purpose to do heading into winter, that feed your soul?


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