Like I mentioned yesterday, I am pretty good at not getting around to things that feed my soul. But as part of my birthday weekend, some fabulous ladies reminded me how much I love and benefit from those things. On Saturday, my mom took me (and my sister in laws) to see a play put on by our dear and amazing friends in MA. Ahhhh, theater. I have a thing for you!

Then last night, my sister-in-law took me to see Regina Spektor for my birthday! The lighting was pretty harsh, and we only had our phones. But I had to document it! 🙂

I have been listening to Regina Spektor for about 4 years I think. I have to say, she is just as amazing live as she is recorded. Hands down best live performance I’ve ever seen, by her and her band.

This year, I am working on making sure I get out with friends more often. As a homeschooling mama, who works her other part time job at home (I’m a private music teacher), I forgot how much I need a consistent time out. It changes me. For the better. When I go out and do a little bit of what I love, what makes me, Me.

I already have  my next couple outings planned. I have to be very deliberate and plan these things ahead. With homeschooling three grades (one is in high school), teaching twelve piano students, and then running my ballerina and other kids to activities, it takes some thought.

But I know what the reward is. I know that sometimes it is harder than other times to make these kinds of plans. For financial reasons, life season reasons, or even depression. However, for myself, it is way to easy to assume that this season is just “one of those times.” The thing is, if I saw myself as a priority, an $18 ticket to a community show is not that hard to come up. If I chose to bake muffins instead of buying them on the way somewhere, crockpot a meal ahead of time instead of buying pizza, that life-giving experience can be mine. It’s really about perspective.

And if you are at all like me, having a friend who says “let’s do it!” makes it easier to move this stationary train forward. I’ll be telling you about some of my awesome friends tomorrow. But this sister in law is one of them! 🙂

What kind of chances can you be looking for, that feed your soul? Do you have anyone who helps you make it happen?



One Thought on “Day 9: Leaping at the Chances”

  • Early in our worship together, we found the metaphor of an oasis embracing our team. Weekly, when we met and sang together, it allowed me the opportunity to rest at His feet. As I soothed and fed my soul while we shared the sweet balm of worship, I renewed and replenished myself for the coming week and the return to the wider world. We all recognized a yearning to be ourselves and be fully accepted in our times together for which we were not just a “flavoring”, but a nourishing “main dish” at the feast for the Holy Spirit which I trust our worship provided. I was blessed by our time together Spring, and fortified to continue worshiping and serving the Lord. Miss you Spring.

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