I’ll get by, with a little help from my friends…. Are you singing with me yet? 🙂

The Dark Days. The Short Days. They are fast approaching. And I know this, but yet my heart is not beating in dread or anxiety about it. Like I shared back on Day 1, this is one my best approaches to winter ever. Not only because of what I’ve learned about Vitamin D, and Light Therapy, and Exercise, but because of some wonderful friends.

I was reading about the Hello Mornings challenge over at Inspired to Action, and while it was not the right time for me to join, there was something about it that wouldn’t let me go. I decided to pitch an idea to a couple friends who also homeschool, and knew what my daily school-year life was like. I asked them if they’d like to share some goals for starting off with better mornings, and check in each morning via text.

It has been amazing. We planned on doing it for the month of September, and have decided to keep going. Just knowing that someone else was thinking of me, and rooting me for me to get my butt out of bed and on that treadmill, or into my praying corner, is really helpful. Being able to share how it’s going, and know someone will pray for me is a gift. Knowing that whatever happens, we are all just cheering for each other to take a little step in a direction of our choosing is grace.

Our plans look pretty different. It doesn’t matter. We are just on a quest to start our days physically and spiritually ready to bring the best of who we are to our jobs as mothers, homeschoolers, and wives, and any-other-hats-we-also-happen-to-wear.

I also have a group of fabulous women I have met along the adoption journey. We try to meet in person once a month or so to catch up, laugh, cry and pray together. (We have impromptu meetings via FB in between, because we are spread out over quite a few miles). These meetings have been a major source of encouragement and support on this long and rocky adoption-road. These ladies are living it with me. Another amazing gift.

Like I mentioned yesterday, having a friend who says “we should meet at Starbucks this week,” or “we should go see a play,” or “you need to have more fun,” is priceless. And beyond measure this is helping me walk on the sunny side of the street with winter approaching. Thankful for all of the amazing women God has placed in my life!

I can’t talk about the friends who support me without talking about one other special person, who deserves a post all to himself. Tomorrow 🙂

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