For a lot of my growing up years, we had a woodstove. We didn’t have heat in our bedrooms, but the woodstove would get cookin’ in the evening, and toast up the whole house. For me, cozy is a woodstove burning on a snowy (or rainy) day.

But we haven’t had a woodstove for all of our married years. Only for the last seven. So I had to make do. I would group candles together, for the light and warmth. Have you ever held your hand over a birthday cake with several candles lighted? It’s pretty hot!

I had one friend who bought one of those little electric woodstoves for her bedroom. While looking for ways to heat some cool spots in our house, I decided to look into the same thing. (I bought it for our unheated porch, but have also used it in the kitchen before we were running the furnace!)

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Cold and dark was a bad combination for me. With my light box, and candles, and fire I can turn cold and dark into warm and cozy.

I’ll be writing more about staying warm this week!

What says cozy for you?


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